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Mumbai Escorts Joy of Tools

Yes! Oh Yes! Baby you did right
I shout in pleasure,my heart cries
Happy,scared lurid feelings
But glad,I get to have these dealings

He does everything right, at night we lay
I jump,I plead, i sway in fray
I pray,I cuss when he picks me
And slams on wall,we do till 3

Free of guilt I went to him
First time,he lured me in
But now I went,my volition

He tore my dress,that wild beast he
I smacked him hard,the bitch in me;replied
I jumped,so turned I was; on
Top, we did non stop

A night away, infedel I
My husband is late,so came I
I love them both,me horny bitch
I love them evermore,so I hitch

People in bars,with big cars
Or young lads,living far
I prompt,provoke; they never say no
I want to stop; how? I don’t know

I spend my nights, when find no men
My hands I use, force Newton 10
In bed,writh I,I sigh and shout
All for pleasure,I get about

Toys I buy,that imbibe men;tool
I use,I’m slave to them
In room of bath,night or morn
I use them,I’m lovelorn


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